Culture Care

International Arts Movement creates a new paradigm by lovingly tending to cultural soil and caring for artists as pollinators of the good, true, and beautiful.


The world is full of real beauty and abundant potential, but it is too often tarnished and broken by culture wars.

In response, we're building a movement of restoration—of thoughtful creation and stewardship, where we all work together to renew the beauty of the world around and within us.

We call that movement Culture Care, and welcome all artists and non-artists to take part in tending the culture garden.

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What Culture Care looks like

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Web Links

  • Windrider Institute

    Through the global reach of the Windrider Institute, the Windrider Film Forum serves as a leadership forum, laboratory, classroom and resource provider for filmmakers and those that understand the power of story to change lives and culture.

    And now, the Windrider International Film Festival joins in honoring emerging filmmakers whose independent voices reflect the human condition with creativity, compassion and respect.

    Visit our friends at Windrider Institute

  • Waterfall Mansion and Gallery

    Hidden away as a gem in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, is the Waterfall Mansion & Gallery. Kate Shin, founder and developer, envisioned a space that brought art into the frame of lifestyle:​“Artful Living.”

    Each room is thoughtfully curated with Sculpture, Paintings, Photography, Mixed Media, Installations, Ceramics, and Video Arts. The 20-foot indoor waterfall provides a stunning impact while giving the entire gallery space a peaceful and unique environment for art viewing. 

    Visit our friends at Waterfall Mansion and Gallery

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