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Osamu Tribute

A father's legacy in Mako and in the world

On Osamu Fujimura’s Legacy

Even a year and a half after his passing, I sense that my father’s legacy in me and in the world will only grow. Almost every painting I’ve done after his death attributes some residue of influence to his research and his life. I am grateful for the Fujimura Institute site in providing a place to archive these influences.

Current Projects

I am also delighted to report that the Fujimura Institute will be one of the main producers of the EP by Tiffany Danae Thompson, a singer-songwriter who I’ve collaborated with in my artist’s talks. She has turned a poem I wrote about my father on my way to his burial site called Lotuses and Mimicry” into a beautiful song. We asked Daniel Smith (of the Danielson Famile) to produce the EP. After several days of recording with some of the best musicians in the Philadelphia area, we have quite a package. We will be making the vinyl record available first on a limited-edition basis (with free download online). Watch for more updates on this site.

— Mako