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The International Arts Movement fosters several active partnerships to further expand our Culture Care reach.

  • Academy Kintsugi

    Academy Kintsugi exists to foster the Kintsugi lifestyle toward Culture Care. Academy Kintsugi offers group Kintsugi Experiences where attendees will journey through the mending of a broken vessel guided by an Academy Kintsugi Certified Instructor. The purpose of our Kintsugi Experience is not just to learn how to mend a broken bowl, but to see’ light through the cracks, begin to rewire our brains to think generatively, and bring healing into our fractured world.

    IAM Culture Care partners with Academy Kintsugi to provide ​Kintsugi-Peace Making with the vision to bring generational Kintsugi-Peace to fractured relationships, victims of violence, historical conflict zones, and divided leaderships, where Kintsugi can demonstrate the restorative beauty into New Creation.

    Academy Kintsugi is co-founded by Makoto Fujimura and Haejin Shim Fujimura.

    Learn more about the Academy Kintsugi and ​​Kintsugi-Peace Making here.

  • Embers International

    Embers International Inc. is a global organization that seeks to (i) protect, restore, and empower victims of injustice, and (ii) catalyze sustainable transformation by creating access to opportunities and resources. Their current operations are strategically focused on helping the mothers and children in India’s slums and red-light districts through critical partnerships with local NGOs.

    There is hope for restoration, healing, and empowerment, even in the most desperately challenging life circumstances. When you look at an ember, what do you see? As an ember flickers, we don’t see a fading end to a tiny light; we see the potential of a roaring fire. With a little fanning, a whole new future is possible.

    Visit our friends at Embers International

  • Windrider Institute

    Through the global reach of the Windrider Institute, the Windrider Film Forum serves as a leadership forum, laboratory, classroom and resource provider for filmmakers and those that understand the power of story to change lives and culture.

    And now, the Windrider International Film Festival joins in honoring emerging filmmakers whose independent voices reflect the human condition with creativity, compassion and respect.

    Visit our friends at Windrider Institute