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Practicing Culture Care

Caring for culture through wrestling deeply with issues of art, faith, and humanity.

International Arts Movement creates a new paradigm by lovingly tending to cultural soil and caring for artists as pollinators of the good, true, and beautiful. Our culture is not a territory to win, but a garden to tend to, an ecosystem to steward.

The mission of International Arts Movement is to collaborate with culture care affiliates to nurture artists and creative catalysts, academics and professionals, to provide a sanctuary in which to gather, learn, collaborate, and create. IAM serves as a catalytic agent for the renewal of our cultural ecosystem and to create bridges between cultures.

IAM & Fuller Theological Seminary’s Brehm Center

Changing the Metaphor: From Culture Wars to Culture Care

Fuller Studio & Mako Fujimura: Culture Care

Culture Care Summit 2016: Culture and Poetry

Listen to Dana Gioia, Poet Laureate of California, recite poetry and discuss its role in shaping culture at Culture Care and Poetry:”

Mako Fujimura interviews Dana Gioia at the 2016 summit, Culture Care & Poetry.

Dana Gioia reads his poetry and then engages in Q&A at the 2016 summit, Culture Care & Poetry.

Culture Care Summit 2017: Beauty in Exile

Listen to the full set of lectures, from the 2017 Culture Care Summit:

Culture Care | Beauty in Exile

The Emerging Voice series is offered by students and alumni during the Culture Care Summit. Listen to these students bear witness to culture in their specific contexts at the 2017 Culture Care Summit:

Emerging Voices | Culture Care 2017

Culture Care Summit 2018: From Creation to New Creation

Listen to Andy Crouch lecture on the intersection of culture care and the Shema, reflecting on the biblical vision of the complex interconnected reality of personhood, family, and culture:

Reclaiming Personhood in a Personalized World | Andy Crouch

Further Reading

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Culture Care: Reconnecting with Beauty for our Common Life
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Refractions: Further Thoughts on Art and Faith
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On Becoming Generative: An Introduction to Culture Care
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