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Silence and Beauty

hidden faith born of suffering

A writer. A film maker. An artist.
Three inspiring cultural influencers.
Three works powerfully interwoven. 

In 1966, Shusaku Endo wrote the transformational novel Silence, unveiling the gut-wrenching story of the persecution of Christians in 17th century Japan.

Martin Scorsese’s new critically-acclaimed film Silence depicts Endo’s book with unflinching honesty and depth.

Here, internationally renowned artist Mako Fujimura reflects on Silence, illuminating important and thoughtful perspectives.

Mako’s videos and discussion guide below, as well as his new book Silence and Beauty lay a helpful groundwork for experiencing the challenging themes within Silence. These meditative works create a space for all who have walked through trauma and the apparent silence of God to explore universal truths of healing, hope and survival in any of life’s difficulties.

Only Mako Fujimura could have written this book. It sheds light on a wealth of topics―a classic novel, Japanese culture, Martin Scorsese’s filmmaking, the fine arts, theology, the enigmas of East and West―and leaves the reader with a startlingly new encounter with Christ.” 

Philip Yancey

Two time EPCA Christian book of the year award winner.


Explore this specially-crafted series above by Makoto Fujimura, author of Silence and Beauty.”

Closed captions available.


The incredible work presented by Endo, Scorsese and Fujimura
inspire deep reflection and examination.

Those core human activities frequently lead to expression and action.

We would be delighted to experience
how you have processed these works of art
in your own expression of beauty.

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Video Series Acknowledgements

Producer: Chris Giammona
Director of Photography and Editor: Brittany Buongiorno
Story: Yvonne Yu

Makoto Fujimura’s new works on Silence’
will be exhibited starting the second week of May, 2017 at Waterfall Mansions Gallery.
Visit their site to receive updates

We are grateful for Howard and Roberta Ahmanson and
Fieldstead and Company’s patronage towards IAMs’ Silence efforts.

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