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Culture Care: Art, Love, and Beauty Lectures with Makoto Fujimura: Lecture II

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  • Posted: August 24, 2018

Makoto Fujimura will continue his 6‑part lecture series on Art, Love, and Beauty” with this 3rd live broadcast focusing on the Phenomenology of Art.

The program will begin with an interview with Jacob Marshall (of MAE) on his role at MORE Partnerships. Mako will speak with Jacob on a Cultural Capital Triangle (financial, relational, creative), focusing on how to make it practical for regional growth. The hopes for this conversation will be to create a resource for anyone interested in starting a movement in their own region.

Mako will speak of the actual experience with art, using Ad Reinhardt, Agnes Martin, and a few other artists as examples of the phenomenology of art. He will speak on how we deal with learning to see” through his own personal account.
We can talk about art all day long, but it’s not until we experience it as a moment” that art is not art.
What type of art helps us, or challenge us toward seeing the liminal, seeing that our eyes and our senses go far beyond what we can categorize?

From International Arts Movement