What does IAM do?

By acting as a hub for connecting creative minds from all over the globe, IAM is able to inspire, train and influence participants to contribute to a healthy culture.

With a focus on beauty and generosity, and guided by a cultural history informed by faith, IAM brings a refreshing approach to affecting many aspects of culture, including the arts, business stewardship, education, etc.

 Conferences and gatherings of the greater IAM community take place around the world. The IAM community extends across the United States, to India, Hong Kong, Japan, etc.

The lecture series, “Art, Love and Beauty” inspires and educates a wide internet audience.

 A variety of cultural events and art exhibits are presented at the IAM Gallery in New York City.

Fujimura Institute, the academic arm of IAM, aims to encourage creatives from all backgrounds towards collaborative projects that spark new ideas and inspire their audiences

The writings and artwork of the founder Makoto Fujimura present important perspectives on shaping culture through art and beauty, and provide an inspirational base from which the work of the movement naturally flows.