Bruce Shaw

A business leader in the energy industry, Bruce currently serves as an advisor to HollyFrontier Corporation (NYSE: HFC) and its subsidiaries. He was Chief Financial Officer of Holly Corporation and Holly Energy Partners (NYSE: HEP) from 2008 to 2011, and President of HEP from 2012 to 2015. Prior to his career in energy, Bruce was a consultant at McKinsey & Company.  In addition to the IAM Board, he serves on the board of The Institute on Religion & Public Life (publisher of First Things magazine) and The Covenant School Foundation.  Bruce received his undergraduate engineering degree from Texas A&M University and his graduate degree in business from Dartmouth College.

Bruce and his wife, Bonnie, have two daughters – Grace, an English/Philosophy major at Gordon College near Boston, and Sally, a junior at The Covenant School in Dallas.  

As a family, they support creatives and/or participate directly in the arts including theater, film, music, creative writing, and visual art.  When asked to name a favorite movie, the Shaw family will likely answer, “Almost anything by John Hughes including Pretty in Pink, even though Andie missed the boat by not picking Duckie.”